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Clothing & SpecialtyProducts 


requires a 6 item minimal order

$40 set up fee 

Screen Printing

requires a 12 item minimal order

$30 set up fee

You can mix and match items in your order such as a 2 shirts, 2 sweatshirts, and 2 hats, as long as they are all getting the same design in the same method at the same size. 

Prices are on the right, Sizes XXL or larger may cost more

additional shipping and tax not included

Please call for additional pricing. We have a large catalog in the shop for you to browse through for more specific items. You can also find more items at these websites :

(prices may vary)

For even more custom gifts, come in and see our collection of cups, mugs, name-tags, stamps, towels, flags, rugs and much more! Let us find the perfect gift for you!

T-shirts - unisex

Womens Fitted T-shirt

Men's Fleece

Ladies Fleece


Hooded Sweatshirt

Polo Shirt


Rain Jacket

Boat Bag

Screen-Printed :      $ 11.75        Embroidery:       $17.00

Screen-Printed :      $ 13.25        Embroidery:       $18.50

Embroidery Only:  $41.00

Embroidery Only:  $43.50

Screen-Printed :      $ 16.00       Embroidery:        $21.50

Screen-Printed :      $ 28.00       Embroidery:        $32.00

Screen-Printed :      $ 19.00       Embroidery:        $24.25

Embroidery Only:  $47.50

Screen-Printed :      $ 59.50       Embroidery:        $64.75

Screen-Printed :      $ 31.00       Embroidery:         $36.25

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