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OUR Story

Allure first opened in 1993 as a small modest sign shop. As business grew over the years, it evolved and adapted to the wants and needs of the customers. Today, we are proud to offer a multitude of services and products, all completely customized and all with the best quality in the area!

Meet the Team

Michelle Y_Emp_edited.jpg

Michelle Yegerlehner

Order Management

"You can call me to discuss all your project needs!"


Shannon Engle

Graphic Designer

"You will work with me to make your vision a reality!"


Michele Loddo

Wrap and Vinyl Installer

Founder and Owner

"You will see me at the project sites installing the final project!"

Man with Bun

Doug Sutherland

Sign Installer

"You will will see me installing the signs around the area!"

Sharing Ideas


Seasonal Internship

"You will see me doing a little of everything!"

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